Chingri Macher Dalna
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Chingri Macher Dalna / Bengali Style Prawn Curry with Potato


 Bengalis love Dalna, the versatile and delicious curry that tastes heavenly with piping hot rice. Dalna is typically a kind of dish that has a runny gravy base and made mostly with potato chunks. There is vegetarian dalna and as well as non-vegetarian dalna. My blog already has some very interesting Bengali dalna recipes which are Dhokar Dalna, Echorer Dalna, Chhanar Dalna and Aloo Phulkopir Dalna. As of now, all…

Basa Macher Masala Curry
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Basa Macher Masala Curry / Basa Fish Spicy Curry


 In my home, both me and my husband are fond of oily fishes. While Ilish or Hilsha, being the undisputed king, is our eternal love, we also love other oily fishes like Koi, Boal, Aar, Basa and so on. Maa cooks excellent Basa Macher Jhal where mustard paste is used for the gravy. The recipe is almost same as Shorshe Ilish and tastes utterly delicious. You can find lots of…

Malabar Chicken Curry
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Malabar Chicken Curry


 From the past few day we have been eating simple. With the rise of Covid-19 cases there is always a fear, an anxiety, a never ending uncertainty in mind. I don’t really feel like cooking anything elaborate. I am scared, I am anxious. Honestly speaking, no matter how much I want to stay calm and positive, this is not happening, just not happening. I am still trying, trying hard and…

Tok Dal
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Tok Dal / Kancha Aamer Tok Dal (Bengali Style Lentil with Raw Mango)


 Honestly speaking, when raw mango mingles with red lentil, wonder happens. Tok Dal is when you cook a typical Bengali style lentil soup, but, add some raw mango pieces for that tanginess and yumminess. This is a summer delight. Bengali cuisine has some super interesting ways to use raw mangoes in its dishes and this is just one of them and the other super popular one is Kancha Aamer Tok.…

Malpua / Malpoa
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Malpua / Malpoa (Indian Pancakes)


 Holi is round the corner and this year it will be different. With Corona cases spiking high again, there is no going out, no meeting friends and absolutely no grand celebration. Does that mean we won’t celebrate Holi this time? Ofcourse we will, but inside our houses and taking all the precautions. The festival of colours brings positivity and there is no way we should deprive ourselves from feeling colourful…

Kolar Bora
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Kolar Bora (Bengali Banana Fritters)


 Kolar Bora or Banana Fritters are my absolute favourite and I can eat them everyday. Apart from I being a fan of these fritters, my entire family loves them too. Maa makes world’s best Kolar Bora and growing up. it was a customary thing every time we used to have some overripe bananas at home. Fortunately, banana was one of the most consumed fruit in our home and thus, the…

Bangude Pulimunchi
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Bangude Pulimunchi – Mangalorean Style Mackerel Curry


 In my house, we both love Mangalorean food. Our taste for this cuisine have developed after we have come and settled down in South India. Also, we often visit to a very popular Mangalorean restaurant here in Bangalore and that further took our love to the next level. The restaurant is called The Konkan and it’s a must visit place if you are in Bangalore and if you have a…

Jhal Muri
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Jhal Muri / Muri Makha (Spicy Puffed Rice)


 Jhal Muri, the name itself is enough to make me drool. Crunchy puffed rice mixed with spices, potato, bhujia and what not; a dash of lime juice sprinkled, mixed everything together and served in thonga (paper cone). Many love stories happen over a thonga of jhal muri, many struggles happen over a thonga of jhal muri – you have your secrets, you have your good or bad day, you have…

Begun Bhaja
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Begun Bhaja (Bengali Style Eggplant Fry)


 Fuss free, always bang on, super yummy and always a showstopper, this is the quintessential Bengali Begun Bhaja. Apart from being one of the stars of Bengali kitchen, this is an emotion, something you have grown up eating if you are a Bengali. Be it an occasion with big feast, be it a small family function or be it a regular day with some basic food, Begun Bhaja fits in…

Poached Egg Curry
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Poached Egg Curry


 Another dish that I have learned from my genius Man today. Yes, I love cooking and so does my husband. Since ours is a gender-neutral kitchen, we often share our individual parts of work. On regular days, mostly, the breakfast is on him; while I take care of lunch and dinner. On special days, he takes full charge of the kitchen and I get a full day off. This guy…