Bhapa Sandesh
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Bhapa Sandesh (Bengali Style Steamed Fudge)


 Sandesh is a super popular Bengali sweet. We have a huge variety of Sandesh to choose from. We are basically people who are born with sweet tooth. Among all the other Bengali sweets, Sandesh holds a major place. From Khirer Sandesh to Chhanar Sandesh, we love everything. Chhana or Cottage Cheese is widely used to make Bengali sweets. From Rosogolla to Sandesh, almost everything demands good quality Chhana and if…

Chilli Chicken
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Chilli Chicken – A Popular Indo-Chinese Dish


 Despite all the political differences and amidst all the boycotts, what we cannot deny is that the two countries have each other’s influences on each other. Being a land of diversity, India is a home to various ethnicity. While people from all over the world have moved to this land, they brought their amazing flavours which, over the period of time, has mingled with India’s own flavour and created an…

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Rasmalai – Popular Indian Sweet


 Rasmalai is a super popular Indian sweet which is soft, delectable and quite easy to make at home. Made with Chhana (homemade cottage cheese) and whole milk, this sweet is a must during festivals. This sweet cannot be catagorised as Bengali sweet as it is equally popular in many other parts of India as well. The flavoured milk soaked Chhana balls are just too good to resist. This festive season,…

Dimer Devil
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Dimer Devil / Egg Devil / Bengali Dimer Chop (Bengali Style Egg Croquettes)


 Well, this is not something I grew up eating. Also, this is not something that people were crazy about in the places where I spent my childhood. I hail from Assam and while there are hundreds of street food and snacks that are super popular there, Dimer Devil ( egg croquettes) is definitely not one of them. I was not even introduced to the name “Dimer Devil” until I moved…

Shorshe Ilish
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Shorshe Ilish (Hilsa Cooked in Mustard Paste)


 Ilish or Hilsa, a fish that brings happiness, as fish that is an emotion, a fish that hold a very special place in every Bengali’s life, a fish that brings taste, flavour and aroma along with it, a fish that is expensive but worth every penny, a fish that is the Queen of all fishes. Bringing Ilish home is like bringing home a celebration. Bengalis across the world may have…

Chal Potol
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Chal Potol (Pointed Gourd Cooked with Aromatic Rice)


 Chal Potol is one such thing that we used to have every year at Pishimoni’s place during Kojagori Lokkhi Puja. Pishimoni’s husband’s family had the tradition of offering Anna Bhog (prasad offered to God that consists of rice) to the Goddess and the Puja used to happen during Diwali. Every year we used to eagerly wait for the day. I remember Pishimoni along with her in-laws cooking the grand Bhog…

Pyaj diye Masoor Dal
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Pyaj diye Masoor Dal (Red Lentil Soup with Onion)


 This is such a comforting dish! Pair with Daler Bora or any Bhaja (fry) and your meal is done. Light on stomach, protein rich and highly falvourful, this is something Bengalis just love to have with steamed rice. Dal is a compulsory element of a proper Bengali meal. For that matter, it is a must in almost all Indian meals. A bowl of hot dal is not only packed with…

Daler Bora
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Daler Bora / Masoor Daler Bora (Bengali Style Lentil Fritters)


 Nothing fancy, nothing exotic, just simple Daler Bora or Lentil Fritter. Bengali cuisine consists of many such dishes that are too easy to make, yet, taste utterly delicious. Bora (fritter), Bhaja (fry), Bhorta (mash) and Chutney are few things without which a Bengali platter is considered incomplete. We often start our meals with these quick bites served along with a bowl of Dal (lentil soup) and end meals with Chutney.…

Luchir Payesh
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Luchir Payesh (Bengali Style Poori Kheer)


 The advent of Mahalaya marks the beginning of Matri Paksha and the beginning of Durga Puja preparation. We Bengalis eagerly wait an entire year just to get a glimpse of Maa Durga and that makes the long wait worthy for us. The biggest Bengali festival always demands grand celebration and we literally leave no stone unturned to make it grand. Durga Puja is not just a festival, it’s an emotion…

Macher Matha diye Lau Ghonto
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Macher Matha diye Lau Ghonto (Bengali Style Fish Head Cooked with Bottle Gourd)


 Macher Matha (fish head), also called as Macher Muro in Bengali can be used in a number of ways in Bengali kitchens. We eat fish from head to toe (here, tail). Almost all the freshwater fishes can be eaten this way and we just know how to make use of the entire fish in various delicious ways. Macher Matha diye Lau Ghonto is an age old Bengali dish and is…