Hello Everyone! This is Deepsikha and I welcome you all to my little world of cooking which I proudly call “When A Bong Cooks”. Having my Post-Graduation in Mass Communication and years of experience in media houses, I have a huge interest in capturing moments through my lens. I don’t call myself a photographer, rather, I can be termed as a “moment capturer” I guess. Also, for me, the best moments are created when you are served with the best food and there is nothing like capturing that precious moment and cherish for lifetime. Love for good food is one such thing that, I guess, runs in the veins of my family. Yes, I am a foodie and there is no doubt about this fact. But being foodie does not mean that I can cook well, right? Well, I am that one foodie who believes that loving food is not limited to only eating, rather, creating the taste with your own hands. Yes, I cook and I do it pretty good.

My knowledge of cooking comes from the super genius cooks of my family. Whatever I can and I do today in my kitchen, I owe it largely to Pishimoni (my father’s sister) who happen to be a culinary genius. There was absolutely nothing in this world that this lady could not cook. If ever so happened that she is not aware of a particular recipe, just with mere idea of that she used to make it bang on. She is not with us today and I miss her so badly.

Next in my list is my Maa, another genius who cooks with utmost simplicity. A simple dish can taste heavenly and great taste can be derived out of minimum ingredients – this I learned from Maa. Just a dash of basic spices, few veggies or fish, with a sprinkle of nothing more than turmeric powder and Maa’s magic is created. She is my go to person whenever I need any help with any recipe.

Last by not the least is my Baba. No Baba does not cook but the culinary knowledge he has is unmatchable. He is more of an artist and when he chops veggies or curve a designer sweet, he creates work of arts.

Apart from the people I mentioned about, my family has many more super cooks and I owe little bit to everyone for where I stand today.

When A Bong Cooks – in a nutshell

When A Bong Cooks happened almost by chance. On a lazy afternoon when me and my husband were having a casual chat about what should be the next day’s menu, the idea came. This blog would not have happened without his support and encouragement. The idea of documenting recipes was there in my mind since long. It is when he insisted and gave me the courage, I started this blog.

When A Bong Cooks is a sneak-peek to my kitchen, the kitchen of a Bengali girl who loves to keep it basic, simple and traditional. Born and brought up in a Sylheti Bengali family, I bring a touch of my origin to my dishes. Where I can cook ‘Alu-Posto‘, I can cook ShutkiShidol as well. My kitchen is a mix of ‘epar banglaopar bangla‘ and my blog is the reflection of the same. They say “you are what you eat” and I add to it “you are what you cook”. What I do in my kitchen largely describes who I am as a person. I am basic, I am simple and so is my kitchen and so is When A Bong Cooks.

All the recipes I add here are tried and tested. Before I bring up anything to this platform I make sure to try it at my own kitchen. The recipes here are mostly those that I have learned from Pishimoni, Maa, Baba and other family geniuses over the years. Mostly recipes are those that we prepare often. Mostly recipes are those that are my favourite or my husband’s favourite. Mostly recipes are those that I love from the core of my heart.

Few recipes here are the outcome of my internet research. Anything of that kind, I don’t fail to give the credit. Also, when I get inspired by any recipe on the internet, I try to add my own twist to it. Please note that my recipes are not limited to Bengali cuisine only. Yes, the blog has this special inclination towards Bengali cuisine and I can’t help it honestly. However, the blog has many other Indian recipes as well. Good food is beyond language, culture, caste or religion and to spread the essence of good food is the motto of When A Bong Cooks.

While I am confident about everything I cook, I am still a novice when it comes to baking. I believe baking is an awesome art and I am still trying my hands to be an artist. Also, I am not a big fan of cakes and cookies. For me, Rosogolla on any day is better than a pastry, and Nimki on any day is better than a cookie or Kulfi is far better than Ice Cream. Seldom I bake. But when I do, I do good and when I do good, I share the recipe here.

Also, I sometimes call “When A Bong Cooks” as “When We The Bongs Cooks” because few recipes you will find here are neither developed, nor cooked by me. Few recipes here are my husband’s. He is a wonderful cook and loves cooking and trying out new dishes. Exotic non-vegetarian dishes are his speciality and when sometimes he creates something marvelous in the kitchen, I can’t stop myself from documenting those recipes.

While I mostly take care of developing and jotting down the recipes and clicking pictures, my husband, Samsul Hoque Choudhury takes care of all the technical aspects. He is a Software Engineer and does his job the best.

For photography I use my Nikon D3400 and I am comfortable shooting in daylight. Till date I have not used any artificial light and most of my backdrops are hand-painted. I use mostly handheld camera for my photography and hardly use tripod.

Last but not the least, I believe in eating local, eating Indian and eating something that is close to my roots. I believe in eating that kind of food that I have grown up eating. Spices, oil, ghee, herbs, dairy, sweet are such things that are integral part of Indian cuisine and are much needed for our body in this topical climate. I think “desi“, eat “desi” and behave “desi” and take utmost pride in being “desi“. So, if you are looking for any low carb, high protein, oil free, sugar free, gluten free, this free and that free recipes, I am afraid you won’t find them here.

Let us all keep the food heritage and food culture alive. Eat good and feel good. Life is all about feeling good.


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