Luchir Payesh
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Luchir Payesh (Bengali Style Poori Kheer)


 The advent of Mahalaya marks the beginning of Matri Paksha and the beginning of Durga Puja preparation. We Bengalis eagerly wait an entire year just to get a glimpse of Maa Durga and that makes the long wait worthy for us. The biggest Bengali festival always demands grand celebration and we literally leave no stone unturned to make it grand. Durga Puja is not just a festival, it’s an emotion…

Macher Matha diye Lau Ghonto
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Macher Matha diye Lau Ghonto (Bengali Style Fish Head Cooked with Bottle Gourd)


 Macher Matha (fish head), also called as Macher Muro in Bengali can be used in a number of ways in Bengali kitchens. We eat fish from head to toe (here, tail). Almost all the freshwater fishes can be eaten this way and we just know how to make use of the entire fish in various delicious ways. Macher Matha diye Lau Ghonto is an age old Bengali dish and is…

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Phuchka / Panipuri / Golgappa – Popular Indian Street Food


 Phuchka or Panipuri or Golgappa, as you may call it, brings water to one’s mouth with just mere utterance of its name or with a quick thought about it. Called by different names in different parts of the country, this one snack is loved by all equally. Young or old, male or female, urban or rural, if you are an Indian, you got to love Phuchka. We Bengalis lovingly call…

Lau Chingri
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Lau Chingri ( Bottle Gourd with Prawns)


 This is a traditional Bengali style chingri mach (prawn) curry. The otherwise boring bottle gourd made interesting with prawns/shrimps. This is an age old recipe and one of the stars of Bengali non-vegetarian kitchen. Interestingly, though it is a non-vegetarian dish, it contains absolutely no onion or garlic. A truly mild comfort dish which is full of flavours and goes amazingly well with rice. This dish is one of my…

Potoler Dolma
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Potoler Dolma / Niramish Potoler Dolma (Bengali Style Stuffed Pointed Gourd Curry)


 This is a very popular Bengali vegetarian dish. This is also an answer to those who think Bengalis only eat Mach–Mangsho (fish, meat), and vegetarian dishes are not really Bengali thing. Anyone who has tasted Potoler Dolma, Dhokar Dalna, Chhanar Dalna, Phulkopir Dalna or any such Bengali vegetarian dishes can definitely understand what Bengali cuisine is all about and how vast and versatile it is. See Other Vegetarian Recipes Here…

Mangshor Bhuna Khichuri
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Mangshor Bhuna Khichuri / Mutton Bhuna Khichuri


 Khichuri or Khichdi is a very popular one-pot-meal in India and its subcontinents. There are different kinds of varieties that are cooked and relished in different parts of the country. When it comes to Bengali style khichuri (and not khichdi), we mainly use either moong dal (yellow lentil) or masoor dal (red lentil) to prepare the same. While moong dal khichuri is typically prepared during puja and is considered to…

Kancha Tomato diye Macher Jhaal
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Kancha Tomato diye Macher Jhaal / Rui Macher Jhaal (Rohu Fish Cooked with Unripe Tomato in Mustard Paste)


 Macher Jhol, Macher Jhaal, Macher Tok, Macher Rosha, Macher Kalia and many such exotic names and tastes – Bengali cuisine is just flooded with macher (fish) varieties. Of all the dishes that you have and have not heard of, there are some unique varieties that are mainly specific to some region. One of those is Kancha Tomato diye Macher Jhaal. This is something that is extremely popular in Barak Valley…

Shidol Chutney
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Shidol Chutney / Authentic Sylheti Shidol Chutney (Sylheti Style Dry Fermented Fish Chutney)


 This is heaven, this is heart, this is love, this is soul, this is where I belong, this is what I am, this is what I cook and this is what I am proud of – my culture, my cuisine. With every word I am writing, I am getting goosebumps, with every thought I am thinking, I am getting tears in my eyes; probably that’s how you feel when you…

Egg Methi Masala Curry
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Egg Methi Masala Curry / Egg Masala Curry


 My better half, who always cooks well, has started showing extra enthusiasm in cooking now-a-days. Every now and then he comes up with ideas of all new dishes and once a dish is finalised, there is no stopping. He is literally in a hyper active mode and I am actually loving it. The best part is, when he is in the kitchen he doesn’t allow me to let in and…

Arabian Kabsa
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Arabian Kabsa / Chicken Kabsa (Arabian Chicken Rice)


 We celebrated Eid ul-Adha last Saturday in India and this is the special dish for the occasion that my husband prepared. My Mr. Husband is a great cook and I sometimes genuinely feel that he too should have a recipe blog. This guy know quite a lot about cooking and the non vegetarian exotic dishes are his speciality. I don’t mind documenting his recipes on my blog. Anything good should…