Rui Macher Jhol
Posted on: May 4, 2020 Posted by: Deepsikha Comments: 2

Rui Macher Jhol (Bengali Style Rohu Fish Stew)


 I said many times earlier, yet again I am telling, I Love Fish. Fish curry is my ultimate go for dish. We Bengalis believe that every day is a fish day. We need fish for any occasion, we need fish for any mundane day. We need fish when we are on the top of our health, we need fish when we are down with illness. To cut the long story…

Sada Aloo Torkari
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Sada Aloo Torkari (Bengali Style Potato Curry)


 In any Bengali household, this is probably the most easy breakfast option when you are craving for something quick and simple yet wholesome and tasty. Always a made-in-heaven partner of Luchi (Bengali deep fried puffy bread), Sada Aloo Torkari is made with absolutely no spices. Sada is white in Bengali and as the curry has no vibrant colour because of the absence of spices, this is called Sada Aloo Torkari.…

Dimer Jhuri Torkari
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Dimer Jhuri Torkari (Scrambled Egg Curry)


 They say “Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao aande” and I follow them. My family has the custom of not saying no to eggs. My husband loves egg and can choose egg over any dish, any day. I often cook egg curry and try to come out with new recipes whenever possible. Today’s dish is a unique one and this is Maa‘s speciality. I have come across a variety of…

Tetuler Achar
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Tetuler Achar (Tamarind Sweet and Sour Pickle)


 For me, and for many like me, this is a tangy, spicy and yummy way to get back the flavour of childhood. There were roadside joints outside my school gate selling Tetuler Achar. As the last bell rang, we run to the gate with all excitement. The happiness was not so much for going home, but for those sweet-savory pickles that was waiting for us just outside the gate. Today,…

Dhaba Style Butter Keema Masala
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Dhaba Style Butter Keema Masala


 The great Gulzar Sahab said “In umr se lambi sadkon ko manzil pe pahunchte dekha nehi… Bas daurti phirti reheti hai, humne to theherte dekha nehi…” (these roads, long as ages, never saw them reach destination…they just run, never saw them halt for once) Probably Gulzar Sahab was talking about Indian Highways. These roads are magical – they never stop, they never sleep, they never rest. These never-ending and never-stopping…

Panta Bhat or Poita Bhat
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Panta Bhat / Poita Bhat


 Stored with many micronutrients, probably much more than freshly cooked rice, Panta Bhat has high nutritional value and is a super immunity booster. Consumed mostly in Bangladesh, Odisa, Assam, Tripura and West Bengal, this dish is still hugely popular in rural parts. Sadly, we the urban people hardly consume it and the knowledge is limited to what we have heard from grandmas and grandpas. Thanks to some top-notch restaurant brands,…

Hansher Dim Kosha
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Hansher Dim Kosha (Bengali Style Duck Egg Spicy Curry)


 Hansher Dim Kosha has always been my hot favourite and it’s such a dish which is actually close to my heart as it reminds me of Pishimoni. Among all the other awesome dishes the genius lady used to cook, this dish in particular had been her speciality. We the kids used to crave for Pishimonir banano Dim Kosha and yes, it’s always used to be with hansher dim (duck egg).…

Dhaba Style Dal Palak
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Dhaba Style Dal Palak / Spinach Dal


 Dal is an Indian staple and is enjoyed all over the country in every season throughout the year. Every state, every region has its own speciality of Dal and all the varieties are equally delectable and healthy. While in the eastern part of India people enjoy their Dal mostly with rice, the people of North India relishes their Dal with roti/phulka/naan. Every veg and non-veg kitchen across India has Dal…

Egg Dum Biriyani / Anda Dum Biriyani
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Egg Dum Biriyani / Anda Dum Biriyani


 There is hardly anyone who doesn’t love biriyani. Biriyani is a rice preparation originated in Indian subcontinents by Muslim royal families. This is typically prepared with meat, but, with times few more varieties have emerged and the most two popular forms other than meat is egg and vegetable. In India, Vegetable Biriyani and Egg Biriyani are no less popular than Chicken and Mutton Biriyani. For me, Vegetable Biriyani is not…

Kancha Pepe Bharta
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Kancha Pepe Bharta (Papaya Mash)


 Kancha Pepe or Raw Papaya is probably one of the most underestimate vegetable in any Bengali kitchen. We often remember it when someone is unwell in the house and the preparation is rather tremendously boring. Growing up, a runny curry with raw papaya and potato is a must have in when anyone suffer from stomach upset and thus papaya got the name as ‘rugir khawa’ (something a patient eats). Though…