About Me


Food is love and I am in love. Photography is how you capture your lovely moments. This space is my effort to spread this love and portray those moments. With that said, I welcome you all to my world of my food and photography. This space is a sneak peek to my kitchen – the more you know my kitchen, the more you know me.

Professionally speaking, I worked in media houses, corporate sectors and also have teaching experience. But, whatever I did and whatever I do, a part of me has always been in quest of delicacies and this blog site is a outcome of that.

“When A Bong Cooks” is the world of a die heart foodie who loves to cook, loves to eat and most importantly, loves to share the food journey with the world. I believe that “what you eat and how you eat defines who you are”. Moreover, when it comes to a bong kitchen – food is an extravaganza. Bengalis around the world love to eat and need just excuses to celebrate and no celebration is complete without grand food. Needless to say that I am a Bengali and this site shows my love for Bengali cuisine. But yes, a bong’s mouth waters for anything that is good and tempting and it’s no way limited to only mach bhat (fish and rice). Thus, my food journey starts with Bengali cuisine, travels the world and ends nowhere – I love it this way!!!

The little I know about food and their recipes – it’s my sincere effort to share the same with you all. I hope you will enjoy the way I enjoy sharing with you. Much Love.